Friday, February 27, 2009

2/25 & 2/27


Went geocaching in a park across the street from my apartment. Managed to find two caches including the one above. Andy found the other, which was tiny and stuck in a hole, but in my excitement of finally finding it I forgot a picture. 


This one, the first one we went hunting for this afternoon, took forever to find! We went around this maze for awhile before I sat down on a bench for a thinker and Andy found it right at my feet. Traded a wooden necklace for some Kung Fu Panda Cards. 

This one was hidden down a barely seen path in a park in Bryan. Thought there were some travel bugs in here, but someone got to them before us. Traded a crochet headband for a keychain measuring tape. 

Another park, another cache. See a trend here? Traded a crochet heart for a smiley face button. 

Tried to find some other caches, but got too hungry and gave up for dinner. Will head out for more tomorrow!